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  • The Sudarium with the Holy Face (German school), 1470–1490
  • The Annunciation, Joos van Cleve, ca. 1525
  • The Holy Thorn Reliquary (made in Paris), 1397
  • Rosary bead or prayer-nut (Netherlandish school), 1500–1530
  • The Mass of St Gregory (German school), 1460–1480
  • Head of Saint John the Baptist on a Charger, Aelbert Bouts, 1500–1525
  • Workshop of Benedetto Buglioni, St John the Baptist, 16th century
  • Luca della Robbia, Madonna and Child with Scroll, c. 1450
  • The triumphal cross, Öja church (Öja Kyrka), Gotland, 1275
  • The triumphal cross, Alva church (Alva Kyrka), Gotland, 13th century