Patrycja Misiuda-Ramlau is a PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of Warsaw, where she previously gained an MA in the History of Art.
She also holds an MA in Social Sciences – Education from the University of Gdańsk. Her current research focuses on the status of religious objects of art, understood both as representations and material objects, on reasons for their commission and their assumed influence on historic viewers.

Her case-study includes Pre-Modern Franco-Flemish and Italian altars, diptychs
and illuminated manuscripts with the sacral interior as their background motif.

In the semester 2012/2013 at the Institute of History of Art, University of Warsaw she taught a course entitled Emotions in the work of art.



  • ‘The Small Ferber Altarpiece (c. 1485): Late Medieval Commission in the Hanseatic Gdańsk. Between Style and Function’ in Artistic Translations Between Fourteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. Proceedings, eds Zuzanna Sarnecka and Aleksandra Fedorowicz-Jackowska (Warsaw: Institute of Art History, University of Warsaw, 2013